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His boss called him and sent him text messages. He just decided not to show up." Board was arrested March 1 and a judge set bonds totaling $440,000. Assistant State Attorney Rebekah Bragg said that while Board allegedly stole more than $100,000 in products, much of the merchandise could be recovered. His restitution, if he is found guilty, would likely be less. The prosecutor said charges against Board are pending in Manatee County, where some of the transactions occurred. Board allegedly sold drone products to four pawn shops in Sarasota and at least two in Bradenton, Nilson said. Bragg said the pawn stores are not liable for accepting stolen merchandise as long as the pawnbroker transaction form is signed and identification is presented. Nilson said that Board, who told detectives he had a heroin addiction, may have sold unopened merchandise to pawnbrokers as many as 20 times. In response to the theft, the owner said he no longer allows employees to bring anything in or out of the building. "This is a wide open office — it’s one big warehouse," Nilson said.

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